Just some of our specialities

Business Start ups

Having worked in the accountancy profession for nearly 30 years we have the knowledge and experience which will enable us to give you advice in respect of the  most appropriate entity in which to trade eg sole trader; partnership; company, and then to guide you through the statutory requirements of establishing each.

Bookkeeping Advice

The most basic necessity is to ensure that you get your bookkeeping right from the start and we will assist you with you. If, however you have been trading for some time we can also review your systems and, if necessary, suggest any changes which would benefit your business.

Preparation of Accounts and Financial Statements

From a simple profit and loss account to the financial statements of a limited company, each as important to a business as the other. We have the skill set to be able to prepare your information in the required form. We will also take the time to explain the figures to you and discuss any worries that you may have.

Company Secretarial Services

Most business owners do not want the stress of submitting information to Companies House so we will take the load from your shoulders and ensure that  everything is submitted on time and in the corrrect form.

Completion and Submission of Tax Returns

To ensure that tax returns are completed correctly and in full, a knowledge of the allowances available to businesses is of paramount importance. This requires an in depth knowledge of all matters and a keen eye on when changes are made to legislation. We are in a position to understand the effects of changes and to implement them where necessary. We are keenly aware of the time restrictions placed upon both traders and individuals to submit their tax returns on time and can use this to ensure that you do not become victim of late submission penalties.

Specialist VAT Planning and Advice

For the last 7 years we have been engaged in providing bespoke specialist VAT planning and advice and have saved clients significant sums of money. VAT legislation changes on an almost daily basis and ignorance is not an excuse which HM Revenue & Customs will accept. We can identify errors, but more importantly opportunities for businesses and individuals.

Completion and Submission of VAT Returns

Another task which can be onerous for the business man and which we can provide to ensure that you meet the deadlines.

Payroll Services

With the introduction of Real Time Information this has become even more of a minefield and one with which our experience in the profession enables us to assist you.

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