As a private, residential landlord myself I found both of the following of interest but note before you read, the first piece of advice is totally kosha whilst the second……………….well I’ll leave you to make up your own minds.

1. There is a 100% allowance of up to £1,500 available to private, residential landlords  per dwelling per tax year when energy efficiency improvements are made to the dwelling.

  • The claim can be made for:
  • loft insulation;
  • cavity and solid wall insulation;
  • draught proofing;
  • hot water supply insulation;
  • floor insulation.

Unsurprisingly there are a number of conditions:

  • The allowance cannot be claimed if ‘rent-a-room’ relief is claimed on that particular property.
  • The claim is exclusively for private, residential landlords and doesn’t apply to commercial or furnished holiday let accommodation.
  • It is applied per dwelling and not per building so for a house converted into two or more flats the maximum allowance is £4,500.
  • The claim is for expenditure incurred before 1 April 2015 for corporate landlords and 6 April 2015 for individual landlords.
  • The allowance is separate from the Annual Investment Allowance.
  • The allowance is available on an existing dwelling only.

2. If you go away on an extended holiday and let out your home on a on a short-term residential let while you are away, is rent a room relief available?

  • Well the property was your home prior to going away and will be your home when you return.
  • On the assumption that you stay only in temporary accommodation whilst away you don’t have another home established.
  • It is always your intention to return home.
  • The income you receive is below the £4,250 rent a room limit.

If you decide it is a goer then the only advice I would give you is to put the details in the white box on your tax return.

Happy letting!

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