I am in the fortunate position of living where I work and don’t have to face the daily grind of travel with it’s associated costs. I am therefore very happy to pass on, from an article in the Mail on Sunday, some tips for those of you who travel daily by rail.

The recently announced train fare rises come into effect from January 2015 so, depending on the anticipated increase, it could be worth renewing your pass early. You just need to do the maths to see if sacrificing a couple of weeks to get the 2014 prices is worthwhile.

Use a cash back card to purchase your pass, a google check will show you which cards operate  on National Rail and Transport for London.

Don’t forget that season pass holders can claim refunds for delayed trains, this refund is higher if there has been a period of sustained poor performance.

Are you using the most economical start point for your journey or, by travelling a little further by car, bus, bike or on foot, could you reduce your rail fare costs?

If commuting is not an issue for you but you use rail transport regularly then don’t forget that buying early, buying a railcard or booking online can also ensure cheaper travel.

It can actually been simpler than that as I discovered at the weekend. I rolled up at my local station to travel 30 miles or so south and as I was getting a lift back requested a single to my destination. The very helpful gentleman in the ticket office suggested that I may like to buy a return ticket instead, a suggestion which I was about to politely decline when he added, ” a single is ¬£10.40 but the return is ¬£6.00″.

Happy travelling!

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